Green Minute News:

It was during the pre-independent days that some 400 trees were planted on a lonely stretch between Hulikal-Kudur stretch in Magadi taluk, Ramnagara district. However, after so many years, a few Ficus trees out of the 400 which were the cynosure of all eyes, have sustained damages to its root system. However, authorities have assured all the damaged trees will be restored.

The ongoing road works especially the trenching work on both sides of the road has damaged the roots of 50 trees. Since last year, when the work was taken up by local authorities, Salumarada Thimmakka and environmentalists from across the state have appealed to the authorities to stop the work but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Vijay Nishanth, Urban Conservationist and Tree Committee member who visited the place on Monday said, “Trenching work has damaged the root system. The workers have removed the soil all around the trees which caused damage to the roots. This should be restored immediately as it will lead to death of some trees whose roots have been totally exposed. We have been speaking to the local authorities for restoration of the root system as soon as possible.”

Forest officials said a visit to the spot has ascertained that the roots of some 5-6 trees were damaged during trenching work, therefore work has been stopped to carry out restoration.

Authorities have completely denied that any tree has been felled as alleged by Umesh, Thimmakka’s adopted son. Umesh V had claimed that 50 trees had been felled on this stretch and they had brought the matter to the notice of the chief minister and others. Last year, authorities had taken up widening work on this stretch which is home to 386 trees planted by Thimmakka and her husband.

Meanwhile, Salumarada Thimmakka has been hospitalized once again and the 2019 Padmashri awardee is being provided all medical care.