Founded in 2019, the is an independent news organization not beholden to anybody or anyone but aiming to do its bit to save the planet from human greed and destruction. Unsustainable development is a burning issue today and Our aim is to put them in the public domain so that people get to know what is happening to the world they live in and how they can stop it?
In most countries, nothing is in the ‘Public Domain’ till a development project is implemented. In the process, lack of green concerns takes a back seat and affects our natural resources to no end. So Green Minute has stepped in to fight for the rights of the people as it is their right to know – what is right or wrong for them and the planet earth.
And Green Minute does this with their writings, exposures, probes, talks, seminars, advocacy and campaigns. So let us all get together to work constructively for a sustainable future.


A passionate and committed group of journalists and conservationists are the fulcrum for this news website from India. With mainstream media – print and broadcast busy in ‘breaking news’ and competing for TRP ratings – Green Minute comes with a difference to your table and door steps.
We too ‘make and break’ environmental headlines for the people, by the people and the people – with a strong commitment to facts, truth, fairness and real images.
Supporting the Green Minute is a dedicated group of passionate conservationists, activists, ecologists, environmental groups, citizen’s groups and research institutes.


Get ready to see riveting moving pictures and images from India and around the world that has been captured by our members, supporters as also citizen’s groups.