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Bengaluru’s ‘Free the Trees from Nails and Signages’ Campaign launched

Green Minute:

 Even if people are disinterested in protecting their green heritage, they should at least not abuse trees by nailing them, installing rods, pinning metal and plastic signages and many other obstacles. Trees which are our Carbon Sinks suffer when such installations are done rampantly and frequently in Bengaluru and other metros across the country. In this regard, a social organization has taken up a citizens’ campaign “Don’t Harm our Trees for your Publicity and Commercial activities” in the city.

In the last few decades, many individuals and environmental organizations have tried to educate people about the adverse effects of such installations on trees, however, such abuses still continue in Bengaluru. ICare Brigade which is a social organization is concerned about the city’s environment and are doing their bit to preserve, conserve and rejuvenate the green cover. 

Recently, in association with Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Blossoms, they took up “Free the Tree” campaign which was a clean-up drive to free the trees of obstacles, signage and nails. This is in tandem with their mission and the current environmental initiative of the city corporation, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). 

On 24th of this month, ‘free our trees’ campaign took off at 80ft Road, RMV 2nd Stage and many trees which had been nailed, donned with signages, and other things – were at last freed of these harmful materials. All these obstructions were removed in the presence of numerous invitees, social organizations, volunteers and citizens from the neighbourhood. The event saw the participation of kids and senior citizens who enthusiastically took part and supported this social cause.

Kannada film actor Gurunandan flagged off the event while Vijay Nishanth, tree doctor and urban conservationist explained to the audience about various issues afflicting trees and tree species in Bengaluru city. Highlighting how installations of banners, nails, other items affect the health of the trees, he also demonstrated the healing procedure for trees.

Poornima Shetty of ICare said, “We have been doing various kinds of activities in our own way and also organized tree planting activities around lake bund areas, conducted awareness events at KIA on Earth day. Before the Pandemic, we have given saplings to RCB audience of IPL. We intend to bring awareness amongst citizens and work towards leaving a better environment for the future generations.”

With the help of BBMP forest division and other like minded organizations, this City based organization is hopeful that such drives will be successful in educating people and bringing in awareness about tree protection.