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By Green Minute News:

The need to recover scrap wood has become imperative to conserve natural resources and also expand the fibre supply in the background of climate emergency. Preventing deforestation and adopting sustainable methods has become a motto for some corporate companies as they have taken up recycling of scrapped wood. This will go a long way in preventing deforestation and protecting our precious forests from rampant felling of timber trees. 

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Carl Zeiss India has taken up a new initiative to distribute school furniture (made out of packaging wood) to rural schools. A beginning was made recently when they handed over school furniture to a school in rural Bengaluru. The company further intends to scale up this initiative to support other needy schools and support society and environment alike. 

Recently, Wilson Thomas, Managing Director, Shreyas Kumar (Director & Head of Finance) donated 25 School Benches and 15 teacher tables to the Government High School at Hebbagodi, Anekal Taluk, Bengaluru Rural. Appreciating the initiative, School Principal C Narayan Swamy said the enhanced seating capacity will help students with better infrastructure. 

According to Ravi Rajhans, one of the Sustainability team members, the initiative is not only for social sustainability but also for environmental sustainability by preventing deforestation as the wood used for making the school furniture comes from scrapped packaging wood. In fact, recovered or recycled wood can be utilized for many things from living room furniture to home construction.