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The Green Thumbs campaign by a leading infrastructure company is now in its fourth edition with a nationwide tree plantation program going on in their 160 project sites. This is an innovative initiative by Tata Projects Ltd to help restore India’s depleting green coverage.

As part of the initiative, a nationwide tree plantation campaign that is based on a unique online participation model of, ‘You click, We plant’ has been taken up. The company has set an ambitious target of planting 2.5 lakh trees at its various project sites during 2019-20.

Further, the company hopes to give back forests to tribal communities through its CSR activities and so they are supporting tribals in planting about 12,000 trees at Anthagram village in Telangana. In addition, extensive plantation at Ramagundam and several other project sites is being implemented. Supporting the initiative, the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department has provided three lakh saplings, free of cost for the plantation program.

The Green Thumb is a unique initiative as it is led by an online promotion campaign wherein trees are attributed for `clicks’ received on its microsite. “People can click on the microsite – if clicks received are more than trees planted then these are attributed to the cause of protecting the environment.”

Recently, this program was witnessed at Bird Park, on the banks of Dravyavati River in Jaipur. Hundreds of school children and other prominent citizens from all walks of life came together with a single minded purpose of planting trees and aiming towards a greener future.

According to Vinayak Deshpande, MD, Tata Projects Ltd, this initiative is an idea to plant more trees through volunteering and showcasing it on digital platforms. The year-long plantation drive is supported by a social media campaign.

All citizens who wish to do their bit to save the environment, can express their support for the cause by clicking on the Green Thumb Microsite : www.tplgreenthumb.com ; or on Facebook page www.facebook.com/OfficialTPLCommunity/ or on LinkedIn page in.linkedin.com/company/tata-projects or on Company website www.tataprojects.com .

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  1. Excellent initiative, replicable throughout India and South East Asia, particularly in urban areas where in the name of development and modernization, millions of decades old trees are being felled. Those involved in such mindless acts are drivers of degradation and have their own agendas. Policy makers/tree officers are permitting cutting /pruning of precious trees at the drop of a hat. Smokers are also drivers of nature’s degradation becos for curing 1 kg of tobacco, 8 kgs of dry wood is required in one season: tobacco crop size for 2019-20 has been increased in karnataka to 105 million kgs, that means 8040 million kgs of wood is required. Calculate how many lakhs of trees have to be felled for supplying tobacco consumers. In addition, for rolling cigarettes, paper is required – how many more millions of trees have to be felled? In addition, millions of cigarettes are being lit at this and smoked this very minute and how many tons of carbon dioxide and other green house gases are being spewed into the atmosphere and how many millions of non -bio degradable cellulose cig filter butts are discarded that leach, contaminate ground water? Kick the habit and click the Tata company green initiative for a swach vatavaran.

  2. Khanditha Bengalurigaradha namage Sharavathi neeru beda. Bengaluru iduvaregòo ellarigoo ashraya kottideye horathu yarigoo anyaya madilla. Madalu naavu biduvudilla. Prakruthige maarakavada ee yojaneyannu naanu balavagi virodhisutteve. Jai Prakruthi maathe.

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