Tharangini Bala

The Independence Day flower show at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bengaluru, India enters its last day after 10 days of gala celebrations which was a treat for lakhs of visitors with bursts of every colour and hue in all corners and directions.

Just before the flower show M Jagadeesh, Joint Director for Lalbagh (Horticulture and Parks)  had spoken to Green Minute and assured about the meticulous preparations with respect to maintaining cleanliness in Lalbagh during the entire period where more than 7 lakh of people were expected to visit the show.

Garbage cans next to food stalls were well maintained

Results of these efforts by the entire team of officials and volunteers was highly evident as every part of Lalbagh was incredibly clean, even right next to the food courts. Strict checking at the entrance itself ensured every single piece of plastic was confiscated and discarded in a bin to be carried away for recycling.

Waste segregation is a serious business

A huge structure made entirely with waste collected from the dry waste bins near the West Gate entrance clearly indicated the seriousness with which the Lalbagh authorities were handling waste management and segregation issues.

Despite the sea of humanity that had descended in Lalbagh,  it was really encouraging to see people adhering to doing their bit in keeping the surroundings litter free.  A young mother was overheard inculcating discipline to her small child, “No, do not throw it here, you have to throw it only in the dustbin”.  Golden words indeed.

Even with all the stalls and crowd, the roads and paths remained clean

Volunteers and Lalbagh employees in bright orange glow vests were seen busily clearing any spill outs from dustbins and instructing and directing visitors to use the bins, while garbage collection vans made multiple rounds ensuring timely clearance of the bins.

Every stall was fitted with a bright yellow placard indicating wet and dry waste almost as if to subconsciously impregnate the visitors with idea of using the bins. Nothing was left to chance .

Education about cleanliness was everywhere

In spite of all these measures and the absolute hard work by authorities, officials and volunteers alike, it was unfortunate that some people still  lacked the basic civic sense and respect and managed to find some spots to litter.

Some people still have to learn civic sense

However, on the larger scale only flowers and leaves fallen from trees adorned the paths and the grass, indicating the overall success of all the efforts taken to maintain a clean flower show this time.  

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