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Clicking pictures of an injured leopardess led to the suffering animal to attack an unconcerned man. This happened on Monday when a young female leopard was hit by a speeding vehicle in Falakata, Alipurduar district, West Bengal, India.

Provoked injured leopard attacks passerby who ventured too close to click images.

The incident took place at Dalgaon tea estate around 10 am while the leopard was crossing the Asian Highway from the nearby Dalgaon forest.

Without bothering about the condition of the leopard, a few residents gathered and started clicking its pictures. One resident ventured very close and the result was the leopard hit at him in anger. He sustained minor injuries.

Later, the injured leopard was rescued by the Jaldapara National Park authorities. The leopard which sustained serious injuries on her right leg and head is presently undergoing treatment.

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