The month of June has seen the death of three tigers in Karnataka in the Bandipur-Nagarhole region which houses the biggest population of tigers in the country.

On Sunday, a tigress was found dead in H D Kote taluk outside the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Manjunath, a resident of Tiger Block village discovered the body in his field, just four kilometers from the Sollepura reserve forest.  

The 10-12 year old female tiger had reportedly sustained injuries and had marks all over the body while its canines too were damaged.

Range Forest Officer Madhu, H D Kote Territorial Range informed Green Minute, “This tiger was first sighted on 24 December, 2018. In the last six months, the tiger was found roaming in this region but there had been no incidents of cattle lifting or conflict and we were keeping a close watch. The right side canines were fully gone while the left had no sharpness, it was incapable of hunting. In fact, 10 days back, four cattle numbers had sustained scratches and farmers had complained. We went to the spot and examined but there was no bite marks on the animals.”

The RFO added that the tigress was a massive animal measuring 2.55 meters and had ruled its territory well. The post mortem of the tiger was performed as per NTCA protocol. As per doctor’s examination, the tigress may have died two days back as the maggot formation had just begun. All the samples were collected for further investigations, officials added.

A few days back, on 18, a tiger was found dead in Bhimanakatte, Periyapatna range of Nagarhole National Park.Investigations are still on and the cause of death is yet to be ascertained. 

On 16th June, the carcass of a seven year old tiger was found in Chikkanahalla area of Moolehole range, Bandipur. The big cat had died of serious injuries, reportedly sustained during a fight with another tiger.

 Further, a female tiger was captured in Kalasur near N Begur range by forest officials on June 16th. It used to often stray into human settlements and had killed 10-15 cattle animals and so a cage had been kept for its capture, officials said.

Box : Tiger death Statistics

Date        Tiger Reserve            Sex

June  16   Bandipur                   Male

June 18    Nagarhole                  Male

June  23   Bandipur            Female 

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