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If Shivamogga has launched a continuing agitation against the lifting of Sharavathi Waters from Linganmakki to Bengaluru, then citizens, IT professionals, lawyers, environmentalists of Bengaluru too have come forward to oppose the ecologically unsustainable and economically unfeasible project.

 Petitioning the CM, Project Vruksha has launched an online petition asking the citizens to support and oppose the project and Vijay Nishanth says there are plenty of alternatives for Bengaluru city for solving water problems. Further, city lawyers have submitted a memorandum expressing their opposition to the project.

Meanwhile, Save Sharavathi River campaign which commenced two weeks back has garnered massive support from every one including politicians from Shivamogga district. BJP, Congress and JD(S) district leaders have openly opposed the project while more than 25 religious institutions have called for a stop to this project.

However, Ajay Kumar Sharma, environmentalist cautions and says, “We need big public support to win our battle for Sharavathi waters and to oppose it effectively, need to do it with technical inputs, facts and figures. We need to understand the reports given by Paramashivaiah, Thyagaraj and Dr Maduseetappa to understand how the project has been proposed and planned. If we don’t tell the people how the water will be carried to Bengaluru, the amount of destruction that will be caused and more importantly, the consequences of the project, we will not succeed in our mission.”

With a drought like situation prevailing in Malenadu due to decline in the quantum of rainfall in the catchment areas, we need to stop this project which will not only cut down forests but also prove detrimental to the pristine ecology of Western Ghats, appeals Akhilesh Chipli from Sagar.

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