by  Meera Bhardwaj

Even as opposition continues from every quarter to the government’s proposal to bring Sharavathi waters for Bengaluru, initial reports about its ‘feasibility’ indicate the project is likely to be a non-starter. Further, with no fund allocation either for drawing up the DPR or even for other purposes, indications are the proposal is likely to face many a hurdle.

 Chief Minister, who is going on US visit for a week, has not made any statements about this issue despite a hue and cry in Shivamogga district. He is expected to take a call after his return even as BMRDA and water resources expert meetings slated for this week has been postponed.

 According to sources, the state government has sought a feasibility report from a scientific institution on the project and initial reports itself indicate its non-feasibility. And this is not the first time; Karnataka government has sought a feasibility report from experts on bringing Sharavathi waters from Linganmakki to Bengaluru.

 In 2007-08, Kumaraswamy led coalition government had sought a feasibility report and the project had to be abandoned with experts citing problems of water availability, terrain and geological issues and lifting of water to a height of more than 3000 feet.

 Sources inform neither funds have been allotted for a detailed project report nor tenders called for it. “With a host of issues hindering the project including economic viability of the project as also the huge power needed to bring the waters, the project is unlikely to take off. The announcement of this project was made for diversionary tactics. Nothing has been worked out – how to bring the waters for a distance of 450 kilometers – crossing pristine forests, grasslands, protected areas and then taking it uphill 3200 feet to Bengaluru.”

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  1. if the river water is really flowing towards the sea, than government should think about the utilization of the same without spoiling the forest & environment

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