Bengaluru Tree Census attracts IT Eye

by Green Minute News

In a move that brings green cheers to protect and conserve tree cover, the IT industry has shown keen interest in involving with Project Vruksha for mapping of the city’s tree cover. Presently, a pilot project is going on across some wards after Mayor Gangambika inaugurated the program that involves digital tree mapping using unique software.

On Saturday, about 80 staffers from Intel India volunteered in the tree mapping exercise where census as also rejuvenation activities was carried around Bellandur area. Earlier, Vruksha Foundation had involved citizens’ group and this time, the corporate sector has come forward to join hands for saving the fast vanishing tree cover of the city.

Intel employees were supported by Vruksha Foundation and Bellandur Jothege in the program that started 8.30 am. Vijay Nishanth said, “Seeing the potential of the tree census benefits for conservation, Intel expressed its interest in such an exercise. On 26th, an orientation workshop was held and nearly 80 employees participated both online and offline. We told them how to do tree mapping, the importance of trees in the urban milieu of Bengaluru and the need for tree conservation.”

The orientation program and the interest shown by Intel employees resulted in mapping of 100 trees of variety of species on Outer Ring Road in Bellandur. In fact, the company’s employee volunteering program provides employees opportunities to contribute their time, expertise and efforts towards making a difference to the community. Last year, 54 per cent of Intel India employees had volunteered about 55,000 hours, serving community needs in the areas of education, environment, healthcare and livelihood.

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  1. Excellent, may your tribe increase. Please also consider involving school /college kids of proposed areas of tree survey for creating awareness about importance of caring for trees in their neighborhood. Also create data on how many trees in a street do not have water percolating pits around their base as per Indian Road Congress Rules. If pits do not exist or asphalt has covered the base, with the help of BBMP Eng Dept, arrange to get pits to enable trees to get their quota of God’s gift elixir of their life, rain water.

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