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Rescue and relief operations has been a challenging task for the army, the NDRF, police, fire force, district authorities and the local people as many are still marooned in the swirling waters of the torrential rains that lashed the hilly districts of Karnataka, India.  In some regions, the hilly land has slipped so badly that it is difficult for the rescue teams to remove the tons and tons of sediment, saw the trees and save people who have been trapped for days.

Rescue operations in landslides

The worst affected sections are Londa-Belagavi -Miraj, Londa-Vasco and Hotgi – Gadag which was marred by landslides, soil erosion and flooding.  In fact, the Sakleshpur-Subramanya area has borne the blunt of nature’s fury where many landslides have occurred.

Mudalgi, Belgavi district, rescue operations

According to rescue teams of the Indian Army, it has been a tough task in the hilly terrains of  Kodagu,  Chikkamagaluru,  Hassan,  Belgavi and other places as here the houses with inmates and fertile lands have slid down to the lower level bringing with it everything.

Facing big problems in Mudigere, Chikkamagaluru district, the army carried a person for seven kilometers who had been injured and was immobile for 36 hours when a tree fell on him. Apart from this, 74 people were rescued in Mudigere.

One person was stuck for 36 hours as a tree fell on his neck. He was carried for 7kms to safety.

The Thora landslide search and rescue operations in Kodgau district which continued for days was heart rending for many as bodies were found. The NDRF and Fire force carried out the relief works where an entire hill had slid down. The rescue operations were extremely tough due to the terrain.  Further, in Mittabagilu village, Belthangady taluk, Dakshin Kannada district, police carried a paralyzed person for five kilometers to safety in the inclement weather.

Rescue mission was tough in Thora due to the terrain
Celebrating Eid festival at Shirgur village

In Belagavi district, the Maratha Centre soldiers rescued more than 100 on August 10 and 11in Shirgur village, Raibag taluk. In fact Major Rathore and his team members were invited by the villagers here for the Bakri Eid festival. Earlier, there was lot of cheering when a soldier carried to safety a baby in the flooded Udagatti village of Gokak taluk.

A baby rescued in Udhagati, Belgavi district

Year after year, there have been successive droughts followed by torrential rains for a few days which has resulted in utter destruction of lands, property and of course, flora and fauna including ground animals like reptiles, amphibians, small herbivores and human beings who are responsible for this disaster.

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