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In a new initiative launched in T Narsipura taluk, a program to plant tree saplings on either side of new roads that are being constructed, has been taken up in many villages.  The greening program has been taken up not only to create awareness in rural areas about vanishing green cover but also motivate people to take up such programs. 

Speaking to Green Minute, T Narasipura MLA Ashwin Kumar M said, “This program has just taken off and I have informed the contractors and engineers to implement it wherever new road works are going on. Presently, it has been taken up in my constituency but later I plan to take this proposal to the state government and maybe, such a program could be initiated across the state.”

As regards the maintenance of the saplings, the gram panchayats will identify people living nearby to take care at least in the initial stages. Tree species that are not deep rooted have been selected so as not to cause damage to existing infrastructure facilities.

Due to road widening programs, many trees were axed down resulting in the destruction of green cover in T Narasipura town as also many villages. So a local resident Jnanesh consulted urban conservationist Vijay Nishanth to give a plan of action and identify the species that can be grown across this constituency and the main roads of T Narasipura.  

For this initiative, the MLA provided his whole hearted support and launched the program.  “It is a welcome feature as they are making space for trees rather than concretizing entire roads. We hope this initiative is taken up across the state and in fact, we are going from village to village to spread the message of tree plantation,” adds Nishanth.

As part of new road projects in this constituency, instructions have been given to engineers and officials to plant trees on either side of roads in the villages of C Halli,  Camalapura and Turbnuru and Hanumanalu.

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